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Commercial Loan Products


ILG is active in all arenas of commercial lending. We accept all commercial property types including, gas stations, non profit organizations, churches, hospitality, retail, industrial, multi family, office, and industrial. 


Please see our main three commercial loan products below. 


Loan Amount: $150,000 - $5,000,000

Only commercial owner occupied properties considered 

LTV: up to 90% 

Loan Term: 20-25 years (P&I) Amortized at 20-25

Minimum credit requirement 620 

Turnaround time: 45-60 days 

Offered in 50 states 

No Income Verification (NIV I, II, III)
(No Tax Return Required)            
ILG NIV- I - Small Business and Investor loans 
Loan Amount: $150K- $3M    
Multi family, Automotive, Self Storage, Mixed Use, Commercial. Warehouse, Mobile Home Park, Single Family House, Condos                                                                  

LTV up to 75%                                                              

Loan Term: 30 years (P&I) fixed                                   

Minimum Credit: 650

Turnaround time: 30-45 days  

Offered in 46 states                           

ILG NIV- II - Large Business and Investor loans 

Loan Amount: $3M-$7M

Multi Family, Self Storage, Mixed Use, Commercial, Industrial, Warehouse Only 

LTV up to 70%

Loan Term: 3, 5, 10 years (P&I) fixed 

Minimum Credit: Non-Recourse, No personal credit required 

Turnaround time 45 days 

Offered in 50 states 

ILG NIV- III Fix and Flip 

Loan Amount: $350K-$1M

Single family homes & Condos, 2-4 unit

LTV 70% on purchase, 100% on renovations 

Loan Term 9 months construction, 24 months term

Minimum Credit: 650 

Turnaround time: 45 days  

Offered in 46 states. 

ILG does not lend in the state of North and South Dakota, Minnesota, and New Hampshire   

ILG Hard Money Program 

Loan Amount: $150K-$2M

All investment and commercial property types considered 

LTV up to 65% (pledged property okay) 

Loan Term: 12-24 months (int only)

No minimum credit requirement 

Turnaround time: 5-7 business days 

Offered in Metro Atlanta only 

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